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 Through long journeys and contacts with visionary artists we have internalized much of what has probably been lost in the western world.

Together with other creative people we transport this knowledge to the western world.

 At freakulized you will find ecologically useful products for everyday use from our own production, as well as from partner shops, based on ancient knowledge, sacred geometry & frequencies, always in careful contact with nature:

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Magu Chakra Krug 135 913 Chakra pitcher
Ø 14 cm | ↑ 24 cm
Weight: only 480 g
Bamboo pitcher "Chakren" - exclusive Laser engraving Muladhara - root chakra Svadhisthana - sacral chakra Manipura - solar-plexus chakra Anahata - heart chakra Vishuddha - neck chakra Ajna: - forehead chakra Sahasrara - crown chakra
€34.90 *
7 Chakras Storage Jar 7 Chakras Storage Jar
Ø 11.5 cm | ↑ 19.5 cm
Vol: 1.25 l
Weight: only 450 g
Color: Applegreen
"7 Chakras Storage Jar" Manches bewahrt man gerne sicher vor Luft, Sonne und Kinderhänden auf. Dies ist nun im Einklang mit einem starken Umweltbewusstsein und Bewusstsein an sich möglich :-) Die Aufbewahrungsbox "7 Chakras Storage Jar"...
€29.90 *